Geraldo Rivera Gets Brutally Roasted For Ridiculous Statement On Illegal Immigrants

Former Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera attempted to jibe conservatives for being out of touch on the issue of illegal immigration only to end up with the internet piling on him for his own lack of self-awareness.

Rivera, currently ensconced in the rich liberal bubble of Shaker Heights, Ohio according to his X post, wrote that “many of the folks most concerned with illegal immigrant aliens have never actually seen one.”

That prompted a tremendous ratio of his post as more than 14,000 readers jumped in to react, with many knocking the liberal reporter for ignoring how obvious the plight of illegal immigration has become for everyday Americans.

“Laken Riley saw one. It was the last one she saw,” wrote documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. Georgia investigators recently arrested an illegal immigrant in the death of Riley, who was a medical student at the University of Georgia.

“I encounter them everyday in LA. Where the f*** do you live?” wrote RedState columnist Buzz Patterson.

Others questioned Rivera’s lifestyle, suggesting he lives in a “gated community” otherwise above the riffraff that has permeated through citizens’ lives as a result of record illegal crossings at the southern border.

Commentators from New York, which has buckled so heavily under the arrival of new migrants that Mayor Eric Adams is now bussing some to New Jersey or other parts of the country, said the sight of illegal immigrants on the streets or in the construction industry is commonplace.

The firestorm is almost a comic parody of the wrath Rivera provoked in November when he went out of his way to defend Hunter Biden amid his ongoing criminal investigations.

Writing on X, Rivera said Hunter is “calling GOP Rep James Comer’s bluff” by sending a letter offering to answer questions in front of the public about the ongoing investigation into his business relationship with his father, President Joe Biden. Attorneys for Hunter called the probe a “cloaked, one-sided process,” an assessment that Rivera obviously shared.

Greg Gutfeld, who regularly tangled with Rivera, slammed him earlier this year for appearing on the ultra-liberal “The View” to opine on how former President Donald Trump has turned the Republican Party into a cult following.

“Poor thing. In lieu of flowers we set up a GoFundMe page to get him a barber,” Gutfeld said as the audience cackled. “But I credit The View for finally finding a guest with a bigger mustache than their panelists. They’re a hairy bunch.”






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