New Dawn for RNC: Michael Whatley, Lara Trump Elected as New Leaders

Republican National Committee on Friday elected a new leadership team to advance the party’s advocacies. The committee voted for Michael Whatley as chairman and Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump as co-chair.

For the newly elected officials, Lara and Whatley, this move signifies a “new dawn” at the committee.

In addition to the team, Chris LaCivita was installed as chief operating officer.

During an interview with Breitbart, the newly installed chair and co-chair said they are now “laser-focused” on securing victory in November.

“This year, the next eight months, are all about making sure that we win in November,” remarked Whatley.

“Everything we do is going to be focused on winning. We are going to have to get out the vote, and we are going to have to protect the ballot. Every dollar we raise and we spend at the RNC is going to be focused on those two missions.”

“We are going to work very, very closely with the president’s campaign, and we’re going to make sure that we are a seamless operation. At the end of the day, the RNC was built 146 years ago with one purpose, which was to elect Republican presidents. We also know we’ve got Senate races and House races that are really truly important for us, so we are going to work up and down the country to win up and down the ballot. But the way we’re going to do that is getting out the vote and protecting the ballot.”

Lara Trump added, “We are in a bit of new dawn here at the RNC. We’re going to bring a lot of people back in to donate — small dollar, large dollar. We’re going to be focused on that as well.”

Whatley further explained that the entire RNC and the former president’s campaign is one team.

“We are one team. It’s not just a team with Lara and I,” Whatley explained.

“It’s a team between the RNC and the president and his campaign. There is a lot that needs to be done over the course of the next 241 days to make sure we have what we need to win.”

Assessing the preparations for the November elections, Whatley remarked that perhaps their biggest effort will be recruiting and training thousands of volunteers across the country.

“[We need to train] thousands of volunteers across the country and hundreds and thousands of attorneys across the country to make sure we are in the room when the votes are being cast and the votes are being counted.”

They are also preparing to train poll watchers.

“These aren’t just people who will physically stand in these locations, but they are able to count the ballots and they can handle the ballots so they know how many ballots came in and how many should go out,” Lara Trump said.

“Nothing is more important than making sure people feel confident that our elections are free and fair and transparent.”






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