Laken Riley’s Migrant Murderer Arrested in New York, Shoplifts in Georgia

Laken Riley’s murderer, Jose Ibarra, was already under the New York Police Department’s custody just five months before the suspect brutally murdered the nursing student.

Jose and his brothers committed a series of crimes from New York to Georgia. Immigration and Customs Enforcement links the Ibarra brothers to the deadly Tren De Aragua gang.

According to ICE, last year, Ibarra was busted in New York for endangering the five-year-old son of his girlfriend but was released before authorities could issue a detainer. The police authorities in sanctuary cities were not allowed to detain illegal migrants.

In September 2022, Ibarra and his girlfriend trespassed the US border. The border patrol caught him crossing El Paso, but due to the lack of a detention center, he was paroled.

Jose and his brother, Diego, lived together in Georgia.

Last year, Diego was detained for driving under the influence and driving without a license. A month later, both of them were arrested for shoplifting from a Walmart store.

Days before the death of Laken, Diego was caught holding a fake green card to score a job in Bolton Dining Hall.

On February 22, Laken Riley, who went for a run at the University of Georgia, failed to return home.

After reviewing surveillance footage and witness reports, police authorities arrested Jose the following day. They believe the attack was a “crime of opportunity.”

According to police reports, the suspect “disfigured her skull,” furthermore, he dragged the victim to a secluded area on Thursday.

The same day, police officers arrested his older brother, Diego, while handing the authorities his fake green card. He faces up to 10 years in prison for using a false federal ID.

His younger brother Argenis is currently detained by ICE as they investigate his immigration status.

Taking action to the lack of criminal liability for illegal migrants who commit crimes, the House lawmakers approved legislation that would prosecute illegals who have committed certain crimes.

Naming the bill in honor of the late nursing student Laken Hope Riley, the Laken Riley Act intends to detain foreign nationals who commit “burglary, theft, larceny, or [a] shoplifting offense” as well as grant states to sue the federal government for non-enforcement of certain aspects of immigration law.

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Georgia) urged fellow lawmakers to approve the legislation and said, “Laken Riley is not here with us anymore because of Biden’s failed policies. It’s about border security more than immigration. So, we need to look at what can we do if he is not going to secure the border.”






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