Psychiatrist: Biden Jacked Up on Adderall During SOTU to Mask Cognitive Decline

Dr. Carole Lieberman, a forensic psychiatrist who works with dementia patients, sees signs that Biden was drugged to mask cognitive decline, which is reflected in his aggressive mood last Thursday during the State of the Union address.

Biden has long been hounded with issues regarding his mental acuity. During his remarks on Thursday, the audience observed him read through his speech speedily and shout his words despite having a microphone in front of him.

Lieberman said, “Speed and volume of speech can be a sign of using Adderall or another amphetamine.”

The forensic psychiatrist continued, “If you look at how Joe Biden usually is — slow and stumbling — compared to how he was during the State of the Union — fiery and angry — these are signs that are typical for someone taking Adderall or any amphetamine.”

The doctor also observed not only how he delivered his speech, but also his demeanor.

One example was, “Mr. Biden typically rests his hands on the podium while delivering a speech from the teleprompter. During the State of the Union, he frequently gestured and moved with his hands at a rapid rate.”

Lieberman said that although it has been Biden’s usual gaffe to slur words, his performance and the speed signal that he was “psychopharmacology helped.”

“It was a word salad on speed,” she said.

Additionally, as with the others, the forensic psychiatrist raised how Biden would fail to correct his mistakes.

“He couldn’t correct his mistakes… Anyone could trip over Laken Riley’s name but he didn’t know how to correct it. If he knew enough about her to talk about her, he would know enough to call her by the right name.”

Journalists who are watching the SOTU closely also had similar observations.

New York Magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi tweeted, “I guess there’s no Adderall shortage at the White House.”

Strangely, White House Deputy Communications Director Herbie Ziskend retweeted this.

Effects of Adderall last up to six hours since intake, according to

“When taken as prescribed, the effects of Adderall (amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) last for about 4 to 6 hours. The effects of Adderall XR last for up to 12 hours because this form of Adderall has been designed to release its contents slowly, over a longer period of time (this is called a sustained release preparation).”

Biden was sixteen minutes late to arrive for the 9 p.m. speech, afterward, he lingered in the chamber and attempted to talk to everyone.






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