Report: Dozens Of High School Patriots Fight Back After School Claims American Flag “Offensive” And “Controversial”

According to the “Libs of TikTok” X account, a high school senior in Indiana was told to remove an American flag he had flying from his truck. He refused and was told that he would be written up, but still didn’t back down. The school insisted, claiming the flag was “offensive,” but rather than meekly back down, he and dozens of other students at the school flew flags from their trucks to push back. The school decided to back down for the rest of the year.

Breaking news on the incident with a scoop from the high schooler’s parents, the Libs of TikTok account said, “SCOOP: A student at @EastCentralHS in Indiana drove to school with an American flag on the back of his truck. The school reportedly responded by threatening to punish him if he didn’t remove it.”

The account continued, “After hearing what happened, nearly 2 dozen other students flew American flags on their vehicles, protesting the school’s decision! 🇺🇸 The school caved, allowing students to fly flags on their vehicles but said they won’t allow students to fly American flags next school year. Why do American schools hate America?”

As evidence of the incident, the account included a picture a lengthy description of what happened from a parent of the student. That parent said, “Seriously though, my son is a senior at East Central High School and also attends Southeastern Career Center. I am sure many of you have seen his truck around Bright, Sunman, Lawrenceburg, West Harrison, Versailles, and many other places in Indiana. He has a lot of friends and family around here and makes conversation with everyone. He drives his pretty awesome truck and flying high behind him the American flag, and he has done so since the beginning of the school year.”

Continuing, the parent said, “Now, with that in mind, there is I believe 50 ish days of school remaining, and just yesterday, he was pulled into the office by his counselor and vice principal to inform him per the principal at East Central High School that he has to remove the American flag. He is a very smart and respectful young man and is very knowledgeable. He was not angry or argumentative but did let them know he would not be removing his flag. He was told that if he did not, he would be written up for insubordination.”

Explaining how the student pushed back on the school’s demands, the parent noted, “My son pulled the school handbook up and pointed out that nowhere in the handbook does it mention the word flag or that you can not have a flag on your vehicle. He also pulled Indiana law, and it is 100% legal to fly the American flag as long as you are following safety laws, which he does.”

The parent then got to the juicy part of the story, which is that the student was told teh flag was “offensive” and “controversial,” saying, “My son asked why he had to remove the flag and was told it could be offensive to others, or it could be controversial. Well, in my opinion, if you are offended by the American flag, then leave the United States of America! If this was any other flag, would something have been said? I dont know, but we can not be offended by Freedom of Speech, and why does someone in the position that a high school principal is in think it is ok take away our freedom of speech? We will stand by our son.”

A later message described how students at the school fought back and won, saying, “So, I had waited until today to post this because I needed to see how things would be handled at school. Today nearly 2 dozen high schoolers showed up to school with the American flag on their vehicles not just to support my son and their friend but to stand for what they believe in and what is right. My son was called into the office and of course after further discussion they are now recommending its removed but school will not require him to remove it. It will remain on his truck. He was also told it will be in the student handbook next year that students cannot fly the American flag. I am beyond proud of you Cameron Blasek and all of your friends for standing your ground. As for East Central High School I am ashamed this has even happened but again sometimes there are just people out there who try to tear others down.”






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