Jimmy Kimmel Humiliates Himself By Reading Trump’s Hilarious Roast On Oscars Stage

Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t let go of the reins at the 2024 Academy Awards without sharing President Donald Trump’s review of his hosting ability, much of which left the crowd laughing at the comedian over his dismal performance.

In an extended monologue, Kimmel read and commented on a Truth Social post by Trump ripping the late night host for giving an uninspiring showing at the show’s 96th annual showing.

“I’m really proud of something,” said Kimmel, pulling out his phone to read Trump’s salvo.

“‘Has there ever been a worse host than Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars?’” he read from Truth Social. “‘His opening was that of a less-than-average person who is trying too hard to be something which he is not and never can be,’” prompting massive laughter from the audience.

“‘Get rid of Kimmel and replace him with another washed-up but cheap ABC “talent” George Slopanopolous,” he continued. “Blah blah blah, Make America Great Again.”

He took one shot at the former president before moving on.

“Thank you for watching. I’m surprised… isn’t it past your jail time?” he joked.

The Oscars saw early viewership rise from past years as intrigue built around Kimmel but quickly deflated after a much-critiqued opening that saw a number of jokes fall flat, with a number of posters saying his performance was boring, too long, and not funny.

Kimmel compared the canine to Robert Downey, Jr., joking the “Iron Man” actor has reached the “highest point in his career.”

“20 years ago, Robert played the villain, and correct me if I have this wrong, in a movie where Tim Allen turns into a dog, right? And if you ever decide to remake that film, I have just the guy to play Tim Allen. That is — where is he? Messi,” Kimmel said as the television focused on the dog. “Even though he’s a dog, may have given the performance of the year in ‘Anatomy of a Fall.’ He has an overdose scene. I haven’t seen a French actor each vomit like that since Gérard Depardieu.”

Another posted a painfully true comparison to a poor standup routine by Spongebob Squarepants.

One user said, “Jimmy Kimmel comedy is like waiting in line at a government agency.”

“Somebody get Jimmy Kimmel off that stage,” said another.

Other performances of the night, including a naked John Cena, received backlash for seeing the Oscars try far too hard after years of waning viewership amid calls for more diversity among nominees. Advertising rates were slashed in the run-up to the event as companies fled the high-priced market in droves, fearing a lack of return on investment by a program that proves year after year it is growing more irrelevant.






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