Riley Gaines Burns “Senile” Keith Olbermann, ‘He Still Lives with His Mom in Her Basement’

Riley Gaines’ war with words against Keith Olbermann sees no end as the swimmer upped the battle with a video of her showing off her trophies and recognition for several swimming competitions.

Gaines also qualified for the US trials for the Tokyo Olympics.

Olbermann said a few months ago that Gaines, a 12-time all-American and SEC holder, “sucked at swimming.”

He also called the swimmer “stupid” and “unsuccessful.”

His exact words were: “Second-team all-conference. Happily for nasty, stupid, unsuccessful transphobe @Riley_Gaines_ she has no reputation to ruin.”

During an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast this week, Gaines discussed her conflict with the former ESPN and MSNBC host.

Gaines blasted, “I very proudly finished my career as a 12-time All-American, a five-time SEC champion, the SEC record holder, SEC scholar athlete of the year, SEC community services leader of the year, I can keep going on, and it’s like, this senile old man wants to attack me? He still lives with his mom in her basement.”

Gaines also took a swipe at Olbermann’s age and said: “I had to ask my dad, ‘Who is this guy?’ I don’t even know who he is.”

The swimmer athlete also broke a glass trophy in the video, but she said not to fret because the SEC replaced it.

“They’re like, ‘We’re so sorry you had to waste your time and break a trophy over Keith Olbermann, we wanted to send you a new one.”

“Whatever, I got more of them. Thanks, Keith Olbermann,” strikes Gaines.

She had to remind herself to not give someone attention when “that’s clearly what they’re vying for.”

But she also said, “I literally could not resist myself when it came to him.”

Early this year, Rogan had already slammed the former ESPN host for his slanderous remarks, he said, “Keith Olbermann said some ridiculous sh*t about she doesn’t have any athletic accomplishments.”

“So she makes a video in response showing all the awards that she’s won. She’s like a serious f*cking accomplished athlete. She’s an amazing athlete. But for this insane f*ck to say this…you got to see the video because it’s pretty amazing.”

Gaines replied on X, “Olbermann needs to be institutionalized asap.”

The swimmer also clarified that she tied it with Lia Thomas, the NCAA chose to award the transgender for posterity.

“I didn’t get beat by the 6’4 man posing as a woman. We tied. Which is even more embarrassing for him.”






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