“Modern Muscle Cars” Banned in Houston’s Largest Car Show for Revving and Burnouts

To keep their car show alive, the Coffee and Cars Meet in Houston, Texas had to make a drastic decision.

The organizers officially banned modern muscle cars such as Camaros, Chargers, Challengers, and Mustangs from future shows.

On Saturday, March 2, the organizers announced this move on Instagram saying: “These are the so-called ‘enthusiasts’ who have ruined our car gathering.”

“Don’t complain when we do invitationals starting from today.”

The Coffee and Cars is one of Houston’s most popular weekly car meetups.

Organizers slammed “enthusiasts” who repeatedly violate safety protocols endangering the audience and disrespecting the community.

“Safety is a cornerstone of our events,” remarked Coffee and Cars.

“We take significant steps to ensure it, such as hiring security officers for each gathering, comprehensive planning, ample event staffing, and clear communication of our rules against reckless behaviors like revving engines and performing burnouts.”

“Despite our rigorous safety protocols and clear stance against disruptive behaviors, it is disheartening that a minority still chooses to behave in a manner that endangers others and disrespects the community’s wishes and the effort put into each event,” organizers told Day.

The move to prohibit muscle cars began in November last year when Mustangs, Chargers, and Camaro owners participated in burnouts and revving.

“We keep asking for cooperation to reduce this behavior and we have signs posted,” reacted organizers after the meet.

“Please stop encouraging this behavior.”

During the November event, Dodge Charger performed a large burnout, executing a 360-degree donut in the middle of an intersection. This move led the vehicle to a pirouette on the street and was covered in a thick cloud of tire smoke. The event reflected the owners’ brazen disregard for safety.

However, this ban also led to criticism, saying the move reeked of “elitism” and “discrimination.”

One user said, “Never came to these meets because they are filled with posh rich white snowflakes that can’t change their own tire.”

Another user agreed and said, “[This] is the only right comment.”

“And looks like the owner [of the meet] might be one too. These comments are racist asf. Any people who allow that behavior are not people I want to support by showing up anyways,” user @austifer added.

But supporters defended Coffee and Cars’ decision:

“Those who support this behavior aren’t true car enthusiasts, ” replied ghost_gt3. “We appreciated the hard work of the @coffeeandcars family during their events. It’s sad.

“I look forward to attending only Invitational events in the future because these individuals don’t appreciate the effort put into hosting them.”






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